3 Affirmations to Encourage Outrageous Openness to the Divine

I tend to be over-serious about my spirituality, an introverted contemplative that keeps my spiritual life to myself.  Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness, on the other hand, is so “outrageously open”, as she describes it, that I felt suddenly liberated and free to “bother” God with finding a good parking spot, painting just the right brushstroke, or guiding me to the perfect gift for my mother. 

I started collecting some of her prayers/affirmations because I was inspired to call on the Divine all day.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Three affirmations to become more outrageously open to the divine in your life.



Today the Divine will show me the way.  I am open to all message, signs and omens.  I’ll move as if there is a force of love waiting to aid me in every area of my life, big or small. 


Once when I was driving, I was praying for a new job. I had been rejected by multiple employers and was having trouble getting hired, and suddenly a car pulled in front of me with the sticker “God Will Provide” adhered to the rearview window.  A few weeks later, I landed a new job.  



Please show me your Divine will in this matter and send a clear sign that gives the proper direction.  And if for some reason I’m about to head in the wrong way, please, please stop me. 


One of my favorite ideas from Silver’s book was the God Box where you put your worries into a box and let God take care of them for you.  It was nice to unload my worries onto to something.  One of my worries lately, is finding a new house for my family.  We’re growing out of this starter home, but we’ve made some lovely friends, and we’re close to some natural amenities that we love, so I am worried that we’ll move somewhere that we all hate and wish we hadn’t done it.  So I gave that worry up to God, and I said the affirmation: “the perfect house has already been chosen for our family, and it will reveal itself to us when it’s the right time.” 

I told this affirmation to my kids, and I noticed the tiniest bit of magic take place.  They didn’t say anything, which was weird.  Usually they complain that they don’t want to move, feel anxious about it, and start expressing their doubts and fears.  But when I said that declaration, they just let it settle in and that was that. I think It was comforting for them to hear this big decision be given over to a greater power than their mom.  



If I could be of service, and if this be God’s will, would you open the path and release the fear?

A common thread I notice in fierce spiritual leaders is that they always make sure that what they desire is part of the Divine’s plan and not just their ego wanting what it wants. Oprah, for example, revealed how she would pray to God simply to be vessel for the Divine.

As a creative person, I struggle to put myself out there and share my work with others. This affirmation helps take the pressure off. I am just going to do my thing, and take my ego out of the equation. And if it’s meant to be, the path will open and opportunities will come my way.

I thank Tosha Silver for showing us how to develop a playful and trusting relationship with the Divine that enhances our lives and rekindles our feelings of wonder.



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