Anchored to wise is a website dedicated to sharing the world’s wisdom, so we can be guided in our own lives in learning to live in a good way.

My name is Aslinn Arcuri. I am a fierce advocate of religious literacy and appreciation, and I have an undying passion for spiritual growth and beautiful art.  I was once a college instructor of world relgions, and lately I try to anchor myself in the present moment and in the big virtues: truth, beauty, justice and love. I know there is something mysterious and mystical about this life, but I can’t describe or grasp it in all of its entirety. As the wise saying goes, when it comes to the divine: I am wholehearted but only half sure.  I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and three kids, where I love to paint, read, sail and eat. 

My Vision 

That we remember those eternal truths at the essence of all of the world’s wisdom traditions, we honor the teachings of our ancestors who lived and died in a good way, and we ground ourselves in the wisdom that gives our lives meaning and purpose.